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The agricultural machinery collection was open to public in Ópusztaszer


The National Heritage Park of Ópusztaszer received its own collection of agricultural machinery. The permanent exhibition was opened on July 6th.

In the opening ceremony the director Peter Kertész said the Heritage Park and the historical archives of Senta together launched a joint program last spring with the goal of finding and presenting valuable artifacts that once witnessed the industrial and agricultural history of the Great Southern Plain.

As part of the project, the restoration of the existing agricultural machinery was carried out, while alongside the works on the open-air museum a new exhibition location was built for the machines that will be used to try and evoke what the image of “agricultural fleets” of landowners in the first half of the 20th century.

In addition to the restored specimens, some new ones were added to the collection. The exhibition now includes, among other things, animal-drawn plough, wooden plough with wheels, cylindrical seed cleaner, HSCS chopper, two-row corn seeders, 15-line seeder, Johnston rake mower, Hofherr-Schrantz thresher, a Fordson F20 HP tractor and a steam locomobile.

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