Historical Archives Senta - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park
LIVING ARCHIVES - Relics of Common Cultural Heritage


Completion date:from September 2018
Status:in progress

The first volume of the study (with a summary in Hungarian, Serbian and English) presents the agricultural history of the region. The aim of the book is to provide a complex image (with the help of museum artefacts and documents of historical value) of the peasant and farmer society of the era as well as of their lives. The publication will attempt to address its readers in an easily understandable parlance, thus introducing them to the exciting world of public collections.

The two publications will contain the simplified and edited version of the easily accessible online data base which was compiled based on the research.  The basic data of the companies are presented in a simple, easily comprehensible, tabular form.  The data found in the records of the Hungarian Royal Court in Subotica and Szeged shall be published in two separate publications. Both volumes will contain an introduction that offers a review of the history of the Court, the modus of the research and the publication.

The fourth publication will be presenting specific cases. The records of 6-8 companies, which can be regarded as relatively complete, shall be chosen from the records of the Registry Courts of Szeged and Subotica (that we had been well acquainted with during the preparation of the source publication), to draw an image of the region alongside the industrial and economic features of the period.

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