Historical Archives Senta - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park
LIVING ARCHIVES - Relics of Common Cultural Heritage

Restoration work on the agricultural power machine collection

Completion date:from May 2018

The heritage park is a home to an invaluable collection of agricultural machinery that has significantly deteriorated during the past decades due to the lack of a roofed exhibition place.  

The machines collected from the 1980s, once used in the production of crops, were initially assigned a place at the outskirts of the skanzen (open-air museum), on a large concrete ring created for this purpose, and machines dating from a different period also became part of the collection. After the turn of the millennium, the associates of the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged, sensing the inconsistency, initiated the profiling of the machines exhibited.  As a result of their work, a rice harvester and an agricultural aircraft were excluded from the exhibition, and the other devices displayed were classified and assigned.

Although plans about a roofed exhibition place providing shelter from the rain had previously been drawn, due to the lack of financial support and an acceptable solution, the machinery has survived the past period under the open sky.  

Within the project, the machines will be renovated, while the collection will be presented by high-quality description material. 

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