Historical Archives Senta - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park
LIVING ARCHIVES - Relics of Common Cultural Heritage

Travelling exhibition

Ópusztaszer Senta
Completion date:from September 2019

The bilingual exhibition (Hungarian, Serbian) consisting of ten sections introduces the visitors to the work of the partners who took part in the project, the results they have achieved, the research that goes on in the archives, the characteristic types of documents found, as well as the investments into the heritage park, with a focus on the process of the restoration of the machines.

The exhibition will be first opened in the National Historic Heritage Park in Ópusztaszer in the autumn of 2019. After this, the exhibition shall start its journey and visit all the institutions where research is carried out: the Csongrád County branch of the Hungarian National Archives, the Historical Archives in Subotica and finally Senta.

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