Historical Archives Senta - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park

Project partners

The Historical Archives Senta and the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park are two important institutions in the nurturing of the historical heritage of their respective countries and all of their nationalities. Both are one of the most active institutions in their regions and fields of activity.

The Historical Archives Senta is active in the professional scientific and historical research that is paired by publishing articles, books, publishing the results of these investigations and being socially active in raising awareness of the importance of cultural heritage and investigative work.

The ÓNTE is active in modern museum techniques, museum pedagogy, showcasing cultural artifacts and interactive heritage protection and preservation.

The two project partner's have a long history in project management and this project is their first effort to reach a cross-border common goal to help and complement the two institutions in their own and reach a higher level in the scope of their activity that will be beneficiary for the visitors of both institutions and for reaching out to an even wider public promoting the importance of the common heritage of the cross-border region.

On one side, The Historical Archives Senta will have the role to provide its methodological, investigative, research experience while the ÓNTE will provide its more than 20-year-long experience in comprehensive and interactive presentation of historic content.

The National Heritage Park Ópusztaszer will, by learning from the Serbian partner, shift gear from educational museum pedagogy, to a new, more scientific character, while the Historic Archives of Senta will learn from the Hungarian partner about how it should approach in involving the general public into its work, about how to create tourism content from scientific work for a wider audience.

For more information please visit the websites of Historical archives Senta and National Heritage Park Ópusztaszer.

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