Historical Archives Senta - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park

A reward trip for the winner of the local history competition


The local history competition “The Tisza, the river that connects us” for high school students has been completed. Based on the decision of a professional jury, a high school student from Temerin, Réka Bakos proved to be the best.

The winner of the competition was awarded a chance to visit Ópusztaszer on the 24th of May, where she was greeted by Tamás Kardos, the associate of the Heritage Park and István Fodor, the director of the Historic Archives of Zenta.

The study by the title “The Tisza, the river that connects us” will also be published in the third publication of the project ”Living archives – Remembering our past for our future” in the autumn of 2022 in Zenta.

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