Historical Archives Senta - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park

Project opening event


The Historical Archives in Zenta and the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park embarked on a joint cross-border project named Living archives – Remembering our past for our future. The project due to end in November 2022 is in fact the continuation of the Living archives – Relics of Common Cultural Heritage” project implemented between 2018 and 2020. As for the first time, the main goal this time is to explore and collect the treasures of the cultural inheritance that has deep roots on both sides of the border and thus connect us.

While the first project primarily focused on the economics of the given era through its agricultural mechanization and the archival research as well as the social image hiding behind artifacts and individual life stories, the current project aims to present the close-to-nature, environmentally conscious, rational, long-term sustainable lifestyle of the people who lived in the region at the turn of the 20th century, with a particular focus on floodplain farming, traditional fishing, logging and shipbuilding.

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